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Quote Number QUO-20064
Quote Date 22/12/2020
Valid Until 29/12/2020
Total ₫ 302.500.000

Dear Catherine,

Below is our quote to develop your project within the given time frame, as discussed at our meeting. (Deadline: 12/02/2021, giving us roughly 7 weeks from Friday 25/12/2020)

We have divided the quote into 3 parts. Each part can be purchased separately, but we advise purchasing them together for better consistency.

1. Brand Identity Package:
This part will be developed first, as it will guide the look and feel of the webshop.
Estimated time to complete: 2 weeks from down payment date. (Estimated start and end dates: 25/12/20 - 8/1/21)
Down payment amount: 40m VND
Balance payment amount: 48m VND (incl. 10% VAT) upon completion.
A red invoice will be delivered alongside master file and copyright transfer.

2. Webshop design and development:
This part will be developed straight after completing the Brand Identity Package.
Estimated time to complete: 4-6 weeks from down payment date. (Estimate start and end dates: 8/1/21 - 12/2/21)
Down payment amount: 93m VND
Balance payment amount: 110,5m VND (incl. 10% VAT) upon completion.
A red invoice will be delivered alongside master files, copyright transfer and site access.

3. Webshop support package, monthly subscription:
This package will begin after webshop has been completed and will be charged monthly.
The support package can be cancelled at any time and billing will be calculated up to the date of cancellation per on-going month.
If a red invoice is needed for this part, the billing cycle will be changed to quarterly and a support service contract will be signed.

Should you have any questions regarding this quote, please write to us at

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Brand Identity Package

Brand guideline sheet: Text logo and icon design, color palette, typography.
Branded designs: A4 sheet, A4 envelope, sticker, tissue wrapping paper, plastic/paper bag.
Brand design example of webshop look: Front page and Product page

After further discussion with client team to narrow down style directions, likes/dislikes and references, OCD will propose 2 design directions. Once a direction has been chosen, OCD will develop the direction into final brand assets, as listed above.

- Print Design, A5-A3 size: From 2.000.000 VND
- Packaging Design: From 25.000.000 VND
- Product Design: Ask us for a quote
- Product Photography: Ask us for a quote
- Product Video, 3-10sec: Ask us for a quote
- Illustrations: Ask us for a quote

₫ 80.000.000₫ 80.000.000
1 Webshop design and development

- Site design and build - referencing look or our proposed direction.
- Pages: Home, About, Shop pages, creation of up to 20 Products, Checkout, Customer Account, Contact, Terms, Privacy.
- Contents: Images, videos and text contents to be provided by client. OCD will do minor text editing.
- Setup on client's server
- FB Business Page integration (webshop products will show on FB page) and IG feed on website
- SEO optimization + Google analytics account setup (standard on-site SEO optimisation of site pages and contents - meaning that OCD optimizes all site pages to be easily searchable/indexable by search engine bots.)
Better search engine ranking is an on-going optimization effort, which includes building referral sites, buying ads and writing relevant contents, which is known as off-site SEO. This service can be purchased at a later stage.
- Webshop backend functions introduction class (1-2hr class) w. screenshot guide.

₫ 185.000.000₫ 185.000.000
1 Webshop support package, per month

- Security and software updates
- Website uptime monitoring
- 10 hrs of support time per month, includes: content updates and minor copywriting and text edits (images, videos and text to be provided by client)
- Email support 24-48hr turn-around time
- Technical guidance

Additional support hours can be purchased as needed @1.000K VND/hour

₫ 10.000.000₫ 10.000.000
Sub Total ₫ 275.000.000
VAT ₫ 27.500.000
Total ₫ 302.500.000